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Concrete Raising Testimonials Baltimore MD & Washington DC

The level of concrete raising & leveling services we provide results in a large amount of thank you letters, customer testimonials, and just overall very satisfied customers. You can find some of the reviews from our happy customers below!


If you have used our concrete raising & leveling in the past or know someone that has please submit a testimonial about how your experience was with us, or how the job you watched us complete turned out!



We always love hearing from customers and seeing the joy on their faces when we leave a concrete raising & leveling job and its almost like we were never there (except their concrete is level again)!


If you are ready to get your concrete raising & leveling job done contact us today for a free quote and let us pump you up!


Be sure to check out all of the concrete leveling images from our Instagram page as well below. Here you will find concrete raising & leveling jobs we've worked on, company news, thank you letters, and more! Check it out!


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5 Star Review - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Raising Baltimore.jpg

Angela Horning

I chose E&F Contracting/Foam Solutions to stabilize and raise a concrete pad that held all my pool equipment. It had sunk on one side over time, putting pressure on pipes, etc. Austin was the first contact when I called E&F. He was very helpful and informative, quickly came out to the house to estimate the job, and returned calls and communications very quickly. I was a little nervous when Chris and his assistant Tyler arrived. But it was soon obvious that Chris knew what he was doing! I observed the entire time, and Chris explained every step. His knowledge, experience and skills were evident! This was a very complex task, but Chris handled it with care and precision, ensuring success! Well done and so glad I chose E&F.


5 Star Review - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Raising Baltimore.jpg

Carrie Timlin Hovey

We hired Foam Solutions to fill a large void under our areaway steps. Austin was able to quickly turn around an estimate and thoroughly explained the process, answering all our questions along the way. Work was scheduled soon after we decided to move forward with this company and Austin's crew was knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend Foam Solutions!


5 Star Review - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Raising Baltimore.jpg

Crystal Brawner

Could not be more pleased with Foam Solutions, and their concrete raising service. They were extremely professional, arrived on time, completed the work in the expected time frame, and cleaned up impeccably. The area around our pool looks amazing for well less than a new concrete pour would have cost. You won’t be disappointed with their service!


5 Star Review - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Raising Baltimore.jpg

Christopher D

We used Foam Solutions to raise a 6' by 12' front porch that had sunk about 3" on one side, causing the corner post to become disconnected from the porch. Foam Solutions was able to raise the porch the full 3" back to level along with raising a sidewalk panel in front of the porch that had sunk. The results exceeded our expectations.

Austin came out to give an estimate and was a pleasure to work with. He explained the process in a straightforward way and followed up with an estimate quickly. We decided to proceed with the job.

On the day of the job, the crew arrived on time. It turned out that additional preparatory work was needed on the porch posts so that the slab raising could be performed safely. Austin worked with the contractor responsible for the posts to get the work done right then so the crew could proceed with the work. The crew waited on site until they could start so they could get the job done that day.

Overall, we couldn't be happier with the quality of the work performed and the professionalism of Austin and the crew who performed the work. Raising the porch was probably less than half the cost of replacement, and the process went very smoothly. We highly recommend Foam Solutions.


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