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Concrete Crack & Joint Repairs Baltimore MD & Washington DC

With commercial concrete floors repairing them is paramount to keeping equipment like forklifts well maintained and helping to prevent damage to them. In a residential setting, damaged joints can cause trip hazards and speed up the deterioration of your concrete.


Furthermore, if heavy machinery is driving over damaged concrete it can cause more damage to the concrete, creating more breaks, and posting serious safety risks.

Damage to concrete flooring can not only cause trip hazards but can also make machinery unstable causing many different risk factors.

Our professional concrete crack and joint refinishing services take old worn concrete and make it like new again! We use the latest products that are specifically designed to withstand day to day operations in commercial and industrial businesses. 


Check out the videos below about our concrete joint and concrete crack repair services. 

Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Concrete Joints and Cracks Sealed or Caulked in Baltimore MD & Washington DC

• Water infiltration- Can lead to heaving and breakage in concrete and asphalt
• Insect infestation-Insects love to make their home in nice moist little cracks!
• Weed growth- Plants are amazingly strong, plenty strong enough to break up
asphalt and concrete!
• Activates your concrete lifting warranty!

  1. There is no warranty on seam sealing, however, if you have your concrete lifted and then seam sealed, this activates our warranty for concrete lifting and therefore protects the concrete lift we have done.

Baltimore MD & Washington DC - Concrete Joint Repair

Baltimore MD & Washington DC - Concrete Crack Repair

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