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Concrete Seawall Contractors - Maryland & Virginia

When seawalls begin to show signs of failure, one of the leading causes is the subsidence of the wall’s support soils. The soil degradation typically stems from water intrusion that originates from tidal fluctuations or water level changes eroding the soil away from the walls. The erosion leads to voids and unconsolidated soils which causes the walls to crack and settle, and associated structures such as culverts, to degrade.

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Fortunately, our polyurethane injection application is an efficient and cost-effective solution for stabilizing and densifying the soils, filling the voids, and sealing the seawall or bulkhead against future water intrusion and soil loss, allowing the seawall to perform its main function in retaining the earth behind the wall. The process is:


Our Seawall Repair System Benefits:

  • Lightweight- Stabilizes loose or unconsolidated soils while also filling voids behind the wall.

  • Environmentally Friendly - the polymer does not leach chemicals into the environment

  • Cost-Effective - the polymer helps you avoid the cost of replacement and extends the life of your seawall or bulkhead.

  • Minimally Invasive - The process requires No excavation or heavy equipment, avoiding disruption to your property, home, or landscape.

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Damaged Seawalls Examples We Have Repaired

Interested in some examples of seawalls we were able to repair saving the home and business owners thousands of dollars? Check out the images below! These are just a handful of leaking and failing seawalls and bulkheads we were able to quickly repair, preventing future water intrusion and soil erosion that was damaging their seawalls.

Our Seawall Repairs In Action

Below are a few shots from some of our seawall repair projects while we were in the process of repairing them with our foam injection seawall repairs. For these projects we use a hydro-insensitive foam that is 100% waterproof and actually pushes the water out of the voids created by the seawall failure, seals up the holes in the seawall, and prevents future damage in the repaired sections.

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